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If you’re still wondering why you should join Milnerton Residents Association, lets just say, it will be the most worthwhile 50 bucks you spend this year!

That money pays for bare necessities, to keep a really active volunteer committee together.

Aside from monthly dealings with local building plans, alcohol licensing, security awareness projects, some other current projects we’re busy with, include a business plan for a Recycling and Waste Removal initiative for Joe Slovo Park, continued upgrades of our local parks in all areas, including Phoenix and Milnerton, a Skateboarding Park initiative is also in its infancy, as well as a proposal for the upgrade of the Woodbridge Island walkway.

From the security side, our members attend monthly CPF meetings, and liase with the Milnerton Crime Watch Trust and other local security companies, to create safer neighbourhoods for all. We are also working on increasing the size of our Neighbourhood Watch this year.

MCRA strive to hold the City accountable for service delivery. We endlessly log and monitor C3’s for everything, from weeds in pavements, through to pipe leaks, things that need fixing, things that need improving. This is an ongoing process. We also attend numerous Council and Ward meetings, and put together presentations in the hope to acquire ward funding for projects of worth to our neighbourhood.

The word “community” refers to Combined Unity, and ultimately, thats what we work towards. We take communication seriously, and have seen how effective the local “Milnerton Community” Facebook page has become as a tool to inform. Taking us further, we’re facilitating the growth of the “Atlantic Seaboard Alliance”, by participating in quarterly meetings with ratepayers and Stakeholders all the way up the coastline. Here, major issues pertaining to security, environment and development are discussed, and group solutions sought. This is also proving to be a great reckoning force to drive projects to fruition. When numbers join, opinions count!

So now, think about all this going on in the backround, and think about how beneficial this all is to sustain the beauty, safety and integrity of our neighbourhood. By joining MCRA, and paying your membership, you’re enabling and becoming part of an active workforce that strive daily, to improve this area we call home.

If you’re feeling like you’d like to actively participate, why not add an extra 100 bucks, and get a “community activist” starter pack too. This includes a “Love Milnerton” safety vest, a “Milnerton Community Watch” car magnet, and an “I love Milnerton” sticker”. We will also keep you on a mailing list for participation in all community clean ups, walks, and other initiatives.

Looking forward to having you on board!

Warm regards 

MCRA Committee 

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